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Presynaptic structural and functional plasticity are coupled by convergent Rap1 signaling

Yeongjin D Kim , Hyun Gwan Park , Seunghwan Song , Joohyung Kim , Byoung Ju Lee , Kendal Broadie

J Cell Biol  2024 223(7):e202309095


Targeted down-regulation of Hipp1 ameliorates tau-induced deficits in Drosophila melanogaster


Vav independently regulates synaptic growth and plasticity through distinct actin-based processes


Drosophila Graf regulates mushroom body β-axon extension and olfactory long-term memory

Sungdae Kim, Joohyung Kim, Sunyoung Park, Joong-Jean Park & Seungbok Lee

Molecular Brain  2021 14:73


ALS2 regulates endosomal trafficking, postsynaptic development, and neuronal survival

Joohyung Kim, Sungdae Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Tsai-Ning Li, Hsin-Chieh Lin, Yeongjin David Kim, Jihye Lee, Chi-Kuang Yao & Seungbok Lee

J Cell Biol 2021  220(5): e202007112


BMP-Dependent Synaptic Development Requires Abi-Abl-Rac Signaling of BMP Receptor Macropinocytosis

Najin Kim, Sungdae Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Danielle Kopke, Joohyung Kim, Eunsang Cho, Min-Jung Lee, Mihye Lee, Seung Hyun Kim, Kendal Broadie & Seungbok Lee

Nature Communications 2019 Feb 8;10(1):684. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08533-2.


The Rap activator Gef26 regulates synaptic growth and neuronal survival via inhibition of BMP signaling.

Keunjung Heo, Minyeop Nahm, Min-Jung Lee, Young-Eun Kim, Chang-Seok Ki, Seung Hyun Kim and Seungbok Lee 

Molecular Brain 2017 10:62


Graf regulates hematopoiesis through GEEC endocytosis of EGFR

Sungdae Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Najin Kim, Yumi Kwon, Joohyung Kim, Sukwoo Choi, Eun Young Choi, Jiwon Shim, Cheolju Lee, Seungbok Lee

Development 2017 144: 4159-4172; doi: 10.1242/dev.153288


Genetic and functional analysis of TBK1 variants in Korean patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Young-Eun Kim, Ki-Wook Oh, Min-Young Noh, Minyeop Nahm, Jinseok Park, Su Min Lim, Ja-Hyun Jang, Eun-Hae Cho, Chang-Seok Ki, Seungbok Lee and Seung Hyun Kim

Neurobiology of Aging, 2017-02-01, Volume 50, Pages 170.e1-170.e6


MICAL-like Regulates Fasciclin II Membrane Cycling and Synaptic Development

Minyeop Nahm, Sunyoung Park, Jihye Lee, and Seungbok Lee

Mol. Cells 2016; 39(10): 762~767


Directly converted patient-specific induced neurons mirror the neuropathology of FUS with disrupted nuclear localization in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Su Min Lim, Won Jun Choi, Ki-Wook Oh, Yuanchao Xue, Ji Young Choi, Sung Hoon Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Young-Eun Kim, Jinhyuk Lee, Min-Young Noh, Seungbok Lee, Sejin Hwang, Chang-Seok Ki, Xiang-Dong Fu and Seung Hyun Kim

Molecular Neurodegeneration 2016 11:8


Identification of mutations in Korean patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using multigene panel testing

Hee-Jung Kim, Ki-Wook Oh, Min-Jung Kwon, Seong-il Oh, Jin-seok Park, Young-Eun Kim, Byung-Ok Choi, Seungbok Lee, Chang-Seok Ki and Seung Hyun Kim

Neurobiology of Aging, 2016-01-01, Volume 37, Pages 209.e9-209.e16


Tbc1d15-17 Regulates Synaptic Development at the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction

Min-Jung Lee, Sooyeon Jang, Minyeop Nahm, Jin-Ho Yoon, and Seungbok Lee

Mol. Cells 2013; 36(2): 163~168  DOI: 10.1007/s10059-013-0147-1


Spartin Regulates Synaptic Growth and Neuronal Survival by Inhibiting BMP-Mediated Microtubule Stabilization

Minyeop Nahm, Min-Jung Lee, William Parkinson, Mihye Lee, Haeran Kim, Yoon-Jung Kim, Sungdae Kim, Yi Sul Cho, Byung-Moo Min, Yong Chul Bae, Kendal Broadie and Seungbok Lee

Neuron 77, 680–695, February 20, 2013


A Targeted Glycan-Related Gene Screen Reveals Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Sulfation Regulates WNT and BMP Trans-Synaptic Signaling

Neil Dani, Minyeop Nahm, Seungbok Lee, Kendal Broadie

PLoS Genet 8(11): e1003031. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1003031


Characterization of the Rho GTPase-Activating Protein RhoGAP68F.

Minyeop Nahm and Seungbok Lee

Exp Neurobiol. 2011 Mar;20(1):29-34.


The Phosphoinositide Phosphatase Sac1 Is Required for Midline Axon Guidance

Seongsoo Lee, Sungdae Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Euijae Kim, Tai-Il Kim, Jin Ho Yoon and Seungbok Lee

Mol. Cells 2011; 32(5): 477~482  DOI: 10.1007/s10059-011-0168-6


The Cdc42-selective GAP Rich regulates postsynaptic development and retrograde BMP transsynaptic signaling

Minyeop Nahm, A. Ashleigh Long, Sang Kyoo Paik, Sungdae Kim, Yong Chul Bae, Kendal Broadie, Seungbok Lee

J. cell Biol. Vol. 191 No.3 661-675 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201007086


dCIP4 (Drosophila Cdc42-Interacting Protein 4) Restrains Synaptic Growth by Inhibiting the Secretion of the Retrograde Glass Bottom Boat Signal

Minyeop Nahm, Sungdae Kim, Sang Kyoo Paik, Mihye Lee, Seongsoo Lee, Zang Hee Lee, Jaesang Kim, Daekee Lee, Yong Chul Bae and Seungbok Lee

Journal of Neuroscience 16 June 2010, 30 (24) 8138-8150; DOI:


Drosophila Atlastin regulates the stability of muscle microtubules and is required for synapse development

Mihye Lee, Sang Kyoo Paik, Min-Jung Lee, Yoon-Jung Kim, Sungdae Kim, Minyeop Nahm, Soo-Jin Oh, Hyun-Man Kim, Jeongbin Yim, C. Justin Lee, Yong Chul Bae, Seungbok Lee

Dev Biol. 2009 Jun 15;330(2):250-62. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2009.03.019. Epub 2009 Mar 31.


The F-actin-microtubule crosslinker Shot is a platform for Krasavietz-mediated translational regulation of midline axon repulsion

Seongsoo Lee, Minyeop Nahm, Mihye Lee, Minjae Kwon, Euijae Kim, Alireza Dehghani Zadeh, Hanwei Cao, Hyung-Jun Kim, Zang Hee Lee, Seog Bae Oh, Jeongbin Yim, Peter A. Kolodziej, Seungbok Lee

Development 2007 134: 1767-1777; doi: 10.1242/dev.02842


Loss of spastic paraplegia gene atlastin induces age-dependent death of dopaminergic neurons in Drosophila

Youngseok Lee, Donggi Paik, Sunhoe Bang, Jongkyun Kang, Bumkoo Chun, Seungbok Lee, Eunkyung Bae, Jongkyung Chung and Jaeseob Kim

Neurobiology of Aging, 2008-01-01, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 84-94


Drosophila RhoGEF4 encodes a novel RhoA-specific guanine exchange factor that is highly expressed in the embryonic central nervous system

Minyeop Nahm, Mihye Lee, Seung-Hak Baek, Jin-Ho Yoon, Hong-Hee Kim, Zang Hee Lee, Seungbok Lee

Gene. 2006 Dec 15;384:139-44. Epub 2006 Aug 11


Tanshinone IIA inhibits osteoclast differentiation through down-regulation of c-Fos and NFATc1

Han Bok Kwak, Daum Yang, Hyunil Ha, Jong-Ho Lee, Ha-Neui Kim, Eun-Ran Woo, Seungbok Lee, Hong-Hee Kim and Zang Hee Lee

Experimental & Molecular Medicine volume 38, pages 256–264 (2006)


Activation of glia and microglial p38 MAPK in medullary dorsal horn contributes to tactile hypersensitivity following trigeminal sensory nerve injury

Zheng Gen Piao, Ik-Hyun Cho, Chul Kyu Park, Jin Pyo Hong, Se-Young Choi, Sung Joong Lee, Seungbok Lee, Kyungpyo Park, Joong Soo Kim, and Seog Bae Oh

Pain. 121(3):219–231, APR 2006


Distinct sites in E-cadherin regulate different steps in Drosophila tracheal tube fusion

Mihye Lee, Seungbok Lee, Alireza Dehghani Zadeh, Peter A. Kolodziej

Development 2003 130: 5989-5999; doi: 10.1242/dev.00806


The plakin Short Stop and the RhoA GTPase are required for E-cadherin-dependent apical surface remodeling during tracheal tube fusion

Seungbok Lee, Peter A. Kolodziej

Development 2002 129: 1509-1520


Short Stop provides an essential link between F-actin and microtubules during axon extension

Seungbok Lee, Peter A. Kolodziej

Development 2002 129: 1195-1204

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